Monday, August 16, 2010

Herding Cattle. Catching King Crabs and Cliff Diving.

Alright, alright. We know, we owe a huge apology to our blog followers. We did not embark on amazing journey we intended to. Although, we had good reasons.

First and foremost we just graduated college. That equals poor...broke...skint. The exact opposite that Swizz Beatz song "Money in the Bank" and more like Travis McCoy's "I wanna be a Billionaire" but like we would even settle for "I wanna be a 90,000aire". Emily has a job (but most of that money goes to her shoe addiction..think Karen Walker collection size) but sadly Katie doesn't start her job until the end of August and even then she won't be making much working for the Big Cheese. Damn that George Clooney for not lending a helping hand like we had hoped. Well George, maybe we won't go see your new movie, see how that feels!

Second of all, we didn't have the time. Between Emily working all the time and running like a maniac though Pittsburgh at all hours of the day and into the night and Katie taking summer classes, we didn't even have time to go to the most spectacular, cultural experience in Saxonburg....the Carnival, let alone spend a month driving across the United States seeing Giant Beings. If you know Emily and I you know how devastated we were that we couldn't spend time with our favorite carnies, I'm still shocked it only took Emily a little over 2 weeks go get out of bed from the depression of it all.

Now we have many more excuses, but all of you get the gist. But there is hope! We do plan on making this road trip sometime in our lifetime...when we have money to do it (COME ON GEORGE...PLEASEE). We figured that we would keep this blog going, so it would push us to save and do it someday.

We already have a new idea of one of our stops.

2 words. Cattle Drive.

What could be more fun than the thought of Emily and I herding cattle around for a week or so. Living in tents. Not showering. Using the great outdoors as our bathroom. (I wonder if they would let us follow them in our car, you know chase them instead of herd them)
Can you say reality show in the making?

If we save enough money, maybe we will be even able to head Alaska and mush dogs or catch king crabs on the Deadliest Catch Boat. Then we could head to Hawaii and cliff dive.

So many ideas, now we just need the money. So stayed tuned guys. We will give you one amazing travel may take years...but it will be worth it.

We are going to make this the most kick ass road trip ever. Once again we want ideas, so if you having any let us know!!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

This could be bad

Long, long ago, before the time of GPS, I remember my parents sitting at the kitchen table for hours planning a road trip to wherever we may have been going. What were they doing at the table you ask? Staring a big book of maps, commonly called an atlas. Now, I don't know about you, but the idea of reading a map, that most of the time is bigger than me (Katie) gives me a little bit of headache. Following all of those little roads, seeing where they connect, just doesn't seems fun to me. Especially considering we now process the power of a little box type thing, telling us where to go and when to turn, I swear it even gets condescending tone when you don't follow its directions.

The tone that GPS uses people isn't our only beef with this piece of "wondrous technology". In many past travels the GPS has screwed us over, for a lack of better words.

The first awful experience that I have had with it was when my family went to Australia in 2003. Now, if you don't know, they drive on the opposite side of the road over there which was an experience of its own for my father (I still have the image of my father trying to put on the turn signal and the window washers come on, and he swears). So we were there two weeks, and really didn't have much of an issue with the GPS, the only thing there were issues with was my parents trying to work it.

So, it was the last night we had the car rented for. We were driving back from Gladstone to Brisbane, this drive should have taken like eight or so hours if I remember correctly. Well because of the GPS it took about 12. We got lost in the city of Brisbane for about four hours. The car was small, and emotions were high. We kept driving past this one gas station, after third time passing it I began saying "Big Ben....Parliament" I probably said this about 5 times..maybe 6 before my mother turned around and for the first time used the "f word" to me...something like "shut the f up". I was amused, apparently I was the only one. The GPS kept telling us that our destination was in the middle of some on ramp. Yea that's just where I want to spend the night GPS. We ended up going to the airport and getting a taxi to go to the hotel. (Something which scared the hell out of my little sister because earlier in the vacation, some Aussie taxi driver, ran over her foot as she was getting into a cab, her foot still makes a random gross noise haha).

Due to this mishap and other ones we have had, we are going to learn how to read a map. It will be boring, and frustrating, but many have done it and so will we. I will be the map reader since Emily is the driver, hopefully she knows what the "red road connects to the blue road in like a finger tip" means.

God help us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Naked Pose

When my Disney college program was over in August, I wanted someone to help me get back home, so Emily, being the wonderful friend she is (and I think it gave her a reason to get out of Pittsburgh), decided that she would fly down and help me get my car to the train then back to Pittsburgh in one piece.

Emily got to Florida the day after my last day of work, and the train left the next day so we got a room in one of the Disney resorts since I get a pretty nice discount.

To put it simply, we got a room upgrade and this place was amazing. Normally it would cost upwards of a grand a night and we go it for around $100! So, we decided to celebrate and get some Mikes Hard Lemonade (very classy we know, no need to tell us)- it was how I left Disney the first time and how I would leave again. And I got really drunk - now getting drunk off that sweet shit was not a good idea by any means.

It was probably one of the worst hangovers I have ever had - plus a 17-hour train ride.

I was in pain, so Emily laughed. She laughed a lot, although she did make me eat, which helped. So we boarded the train, which we probably would have missed if Emily didn't get my ass out of bed the way she did. Now when you have a sleeper car, like we did, you get a car attendant. We were graced with the wonderful presence of a southern gentleman. His name was Dwayne. And Dwayne... well, Dwayne really liked us.

He loved the fact that we were from Pittsburgh and we found out that he had been on the season ticket waiting list for upwards of 17 years or so, and that was the lucky number! So fingers crossed that he got them!! The interesting thing about Dwayne is how he would stand when he would talk to us. The best was we could describe it is the "naked pose". Now boys come on, you all know this pose. You stand leaning against a wall with your hand to support you and you slightly bow your head. Its really effective and attractive.

above is an example of Emily doing the naked pose

Dwayne freaked us out with his naked pose. We wouldn't even leave our little room in case we would have to run into him or God forbid pass him in one of the little hallways have have to rub up against him! Yuck!

Although, in order for us to get our beds down, we would have to let him in. So we told him when we were planning on eating dinner and asked him that if he would lower our beds when were at dinner, that way we would have less Dwayne time.

We ended up leaving and going back to our room without any run ins with Dwayne. The next morning we woke up and realized that we would have to have another encounter with him. So we kept our blinds shut decided that going hungry was going to be better than having a chance run in with him. Well he must have noticed that we didn't eat because he knocked on our door and we answered. He asked if we went to breakfast and we lied and said we had. He told us that he didn't' notice us leaving. He then asked us to step out so he could change our beds back into seats.

That was the last time we ever saw him. I really hope that we don't ever run into him at a Steelers game. He would probably remember us and we would have to see that naked pose again. That is to much to handle.

Morals of this story:

1. Don't drink a ton the night before you have to travel-especially if the stuff you are drinking it sickly sweet

2. The naked pose is not effective and never will be. It is creepy

3. Boys that drink wine sloppily isn't attractive either. I don't like watching red wine being spilt all over a white tablecloth.

4. You can't hide on a train, creepy car attendants will find you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

George Clooney, Hawaii and Saxonburg

Today I was the phone with Emily and we were disusing the usual: George Clooney, ridiculous pictures people take of themselves and post on Facebook, more George Clooney and, of course, our road trip.

As we got further into the discussion, I brought up a previous experience with a trip that we had planned.

From a very early age, Emily and I determined that we would get out of Saxonburg as much as we could. Don't get me wrong, it was a great town to grow up in, but there really isn't anything to do past the age of finding amusement in running around corn fields. The Pittsburgh Mills mall was built our senior year in high school, which ended up being the second biggest let down in our lives (the new season of Scrubs "Med School" has recently taken first place).

So anyways, back to my story. We would think of countless ways to entertain ourselves. One of them was decorating this club house that is attached to the exterior of my house. This "club house" is rather small, but as a child, it served its purpose. To this day, I can still stand in it with out hitting my head (it's about 2 or 3 inches higher than me).

One day we were sitting in it , cutting out pictures in magazines to put on the walls. This is when I somehow got the bright idea to see if I could jump. For everyone who knows me, you know I don't do physical activity. Hell I include jumping a physical activity. What does that say?

So I jump, high and hard. I smack my head so hard off the ceiling that I fall to the floor. Yes fall. I didn't get up either. I felt like that old person on those life line commercials. Emily being the good friend she was sat there and laughed so hard she almost peed herself.

Shortly after this incident took place we determined we needed to look else where for entertainment. At the age of 15 I think, we came up with the grand idea that the following summer we would got to Hawaii!! What a great idea that two 15 years could come up with! I'm sure we were the first.

We did all the research. We told my mom, and she said, "Well if you can raise the money, I'm sure you can do it." This was said in a condescending tone that as a child and even now probably drives us young people to want something even more. So it was settled. Emily and I were going to Hawaii, and would do anything possible to get there.

The one thing we needed to do for sure was put some money away. We were at the age that we had bank accounts, but didn't have a real way to the bank, due to the lack of knowledge to drive a car, legally. We got a huge shoebox, and wrapped it in duck tape so we could not open open once we put money it. Great idea, right? Each day we would put money in and recorded it in a log book.

Now did I mention Saxonburg was boring? Yes. About 2 weeks after this box was created. We ripped it open so we could go see a movie -- a Clooney movie. It was worth it.

But don't worry, we will make it this time. I mean think about it - we have cars to drive the the bank now...

Maybe we should put some money into a CD so we can't get to it....that might be for the best this time.

Or maybe George Clooney could now fund our trip to the islands, since we at one point, like many other points in time, helped fund his movie.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We need you! ...for money

Now that we have a multitude of followers spanning dozens of countries, Katie and I feel that we need to move on to the next aspect of our planning: We need a sponsor. Whether you're a small business owner or the CEO of a huge corporation, we'll be willing to discuss your sponsorship. In order to not become huge sell-outs, Katie and I have compiled a list of things that we like and would be willing to promote through out multimedia documented road trip.

In no particular order:
  1. 1. Salt and vinegar potato chips, particularly the ones that Snyder of Berlin make that are British style.
  2. Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in the Strip District (in Pittsburgh) - We specifically enjoy those spicy green olives that you can buy from those giant buckets between the cheese and deli meat.
  3. Ice cream - at least I love ice cream..Ben and Jerry's is a great brand. Katie hates ice cream in general, but oh well.
  4. To list something that Katie enjoys: tequila. Any brand will work for her I'm sure.
  5. TLC - We've both noticed that you like making shows about little people. Katie's only 4' 9," so feel free to document our adventures across the country. We'll have to negotiate something.
  6. Travel Channel - We will be doing a lot of traveling...
  7. Smartcar - This would probably be a great way to prove that the Smartcar would work wonderfully all over the country and hold all of our supplies. Plus, they are super cute. We are proposing that we get one to use on the's a good color.
  8. Shoes - If you make shoes, we're willing to talk to you.
  9. Camping supply provider - We are by no means "outdoorsy," but we plan on doing a lot of camping on this trip. There will be tents and sleeping bags involved. We have no idea what we're doing from this aspect, but we will be needing supplies...and help.
Well, there is a brief list. I'll probably be adding more, the more we think about potential sponsors. If anyone would like to contact Katie and me, please feel free to e-mail us at

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To see Dick

I (Katie) am writing this blog with out Emily's permission. (Yes, Emily I do feel that I need your permission or approval for a blog idea or a blog in general haha).

So this past summer, when we drove to Canada to see Coldplay, we noticed that Buffalo, York was much closer than we thought. Now this is important because one of my good friends that I meet in Disney lives there. We haven't had the opportunity to see each outside of Disney since we meet. So this gave me an idea. Over winter break, Emily and I should drive up to New York to see him! (Actually Emily would be doing most of the driving because she criticises everything I do when I drive.)
I brought this idea up to Emily today, and she shot me down. She said that there is nothing to do in Buffalo, that it was like Pittsburgh- but worse. Yes those were her words.

So, in order to prove her wrong, because that is what we do. I did some research and found gems of Buffalo.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House
Apparently this is some house that was built by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it has cool stuff like ceilings and stuff and its like 10,000 feet long. And you have to have reservations. I would say this is a must see.

Niagara Falls State Park
I have always wanted to go to Niagara Falls!!! Wait, Emily and I have both been there many times. But never in Winter!! What could be more fun than riding the Maid of the Mist in freezing temps! I don't think I could think of anything else. (Wait I was wrong, when doing some research today, I found some water cave in PA that we could go see. I don't think that you could top Emily and I fording cave rivers in freezing water, that is what I call fun!!)

3. Buffalo City Hall
O my God! I have always wanted to go see the City Hall in Buffalo! City Halls are so much fun. If I could only tell you the amount of cities halls that I have been too......that would be maybe one...maybe. But the website I am on does that that you can see Lake Erie from the 28th floor! I have always wanted to see Lake Erie!! hmm damn.. I have see that too....

Buffalo Zoological Gardens
All I am going to say about this is that it is the oldest Zoo in the United States! Come on Emily! Oldest Zoo in the US!! What could be cooler than to add that to our list of destinations!!!

5. My Friend Dick!
The main reason to go to Buffalo! I would put that I heart Dick- but I have a feeling that would be taken out of context times like ten, so I won't. Dick is pretty cool. Although since he is from Buffalo he is a Bills fan..and he hates the Steelers. But he has a lot of good qualities too! Like he would fight me when we would party in Orlando. I would always lose of course. But I would fight a good fight.

Now after reading all these amazing gems of Buffalo, I need your help in convincing Emily to drive with me up there. So if you would like to see us visit these places--let Emily know! Also if you know of locations around Buffalo or in Buffalo that you want us to visit--let Emily know!!!!!

Thanks for your time! Good luck on finals if you have them!!!!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forks, Washington

I remember distinctly two summers ago, sitting in my little room in attic of my host parents' house in Dublin, Ireland, browsing through Facebook bumper stickers out of boredom. Much to my dismay, I had no idea what half of them meant, so there was no amusement there, and on top of that some of them were disturbing to say the least. What would you think when you saw a picture of a pale guy with the words: 'I'd let Edward Cullen bite me,' written above the picture?

After several minutes of looking at the bumper stickers flash in front of me as I scrolled through them, I noticed that my friend Christie was signed online and immediately sent her a message: Who the hell is Edward Cullen and why does everyone want him to bite them?! She was just as disturbed as I was immediately, both thinking we had missed some psychotic cult that had emerged from who-knows-where. We were sort of right about that part, actually.

Finally, Christie copied and pasted an entry from Wikipedia:

Edward Cullen
( Edward Anthony Masen) is a fictional character from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. He features in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, as well as the Twilight film, and the as yet unfinished novel Midnight Sun - a re-telling of the events of Twilight from Edward's perspective. Edward is a vampire who... (I deleted the rest so that nobody can blame me for ruining the end of the series. You can search Wikipedia if you want to read on.)

Ah...okay, so he at least wasn't real and biting people, but there was definitely a cult forming. Reading the entire entry, I was determined to never read these book, which I decided were not worth my time and were probably the most mindless, melodramatic teenage soap opera stories ever written. This declaration to avoid all things Twilight was completely successful -- until about two weeks ago.

I'm now almost done with the fourth book and seen both of the movies that have been released. It's kind of ridiculous how absorbed I've become in all of this. Half of my friends are thrilled I've joined there side, the other half are completely disgusted with my choices (My choices were mostly to read...that's all I can say back).

After seeing the second movie and having the mental images of Edward and Jacob going through my mind, I've decided that Forks, Washington is the place to be. (Katie was among the trilled group of friends.) After researching the area, it looks like a really rustic and the scenery looks gorgeous...not to mention, if some shirtless guy looking like Taylor Lautner comes walking out of the forest at any given time, who wouldn't want to go there?

Not to mention Edward. Sigh. Team Edward all the way.

For anyone in Forks, we'll be seeing you sometime this summer. Let us know of any good places to grab something to eat or stay.