Monday, August 16, 2010

Herding Cattle. Catching King Crabs and Cliff Diving.

Alright, alright. We know, we owe a huge apology to our blog followers. We did not embark on amazing journey we intended to. Although, we had good reasons.

First and foremost we just graduated college. That equals poor...broke...skint. The exact opposite that Swizz Beatz song "Money in the Bank" and more like Travis McCoy's "I wanna be a Billionaire" but like we would even settle for "I wanna be a 90,000aire". Emily has a job (but most of that money goes to her shoe addiction..think Karen Walker collection size) but sadly Katie doesn't start her job until the end of August and even then she won't be making much working for the Big Cheese. Damn that George Clooney for not lending a helping hand like we had hoped. Well George, maybe we won't go see your new movie, see how that feels!

Second of all, we didn't have the time. Between Emily working all the time and running like a maniac though Pittsburgh at all hours of the day and into the night and Katie taking summer classes, we didn't even have time to go to the most spectacular, cultural experience in Saxonburg....the Carnival, let alone spend a month driving across the United States seeing Giant Beings. If you know Emily and I you know how devastated we were that we couldn't spend time with our favorite carnies, I'm still shocked it only took Emily a little over 2 weeks go get out of bed from the depression of it all.

Now we have many more excuses, but all of you get the gist. But there is hope! We do plan on making this road trip sometime in our lifetime...when we have money to do it (COME ON GEORGE...PLEASEE). We figured that we would keep this blog going, so it would push us to save and do it someday.

We already have a new idea of one of our stops.

2 words. Cattle Drive.

What could be more fun than the thought of Emily and I herding cattle around for a week or so. Living in tents. Not showering. Using the great outdoors as our bathroom. (I wonder if they would let us follow them in our car, you know chase them instead of herd them)
Can you say reality show in the making?

If we save enough money, maybe we will be even able to head Alaska and mush dogs or catch king crabs on the Deadliest Catch Boat. Then we could head to Hawaii and cliff dive.

So many ideas, now we just need the money. So stayed tuned guys. We will give you one amazing travel may take years...but it will be worth it.

We are going to make this the most kick ass road trip ever. Once again we want ideas, so if you having any let us know!!