Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To see Dick

I (Katie) am writing this blog with out Emily's permission. (Yes, Emily I do feel that I need your permission or approval for a blog idea or a blog in general haha).

So this past summer, when we drove to Canada to see Coldplay, we noticed that Buffalo, York was much closer than we thought. Now this is important because one of my good friends that I meet in Disney lives there. We haven't had the opportunity to see each outside of Disney since we meet. So this gave me an idea. Over winter break, Emily and I should drive up to New York to see him! (Actually Emily would be doing most of the driving because she criticises everything I do when I drive.)
I brought this idea up to Emily today, and she shot me down. She said that there is nothing to do in Buffalo, that it was like Pittsburgh- but worse. Yes those were her words.

So, in order to prove her wrong, because that is what we do. I did some research and found gems of Buffalo.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin Martin House
Apparently this is some house that was built by Frank Lloyd Wright, and it has cool stuff like ceilings and stuff and its like 10,000 feet long. And you have to have reservations. I would say this is a must see.

Niagara Falls State Park
I have always wanted to go to Niagara Falls!!! Wait, Emily and I have both been there many times. But never in Winter!! What could be more fun than riding the Maid of the Mist in freezing temps! I don't think I could think of anything else. (Wait I was wrong, when doing some research today, I found some water cave in PA that we could go see. I don't think that you could top Emily and I fording cave rivers in freezing water, that is what I call fun!!)

3. Buffalo City Hall
O my God! I have always wanted to go see the City Hall in Buffalo! City Halls are so much fun. If I could only tell you the amount of cities halls that I have been too......that would be maybe one...maybe. But the website I am on does that that you can see Lake Erie from the 28th floor! I have always wanted to see Lake Erie!! hmm damn.. I have see that too....

Buffalo Zoological Gardens
All I am going to say about this is that it is the oldest Zoo in the United States! Come on Emily! Oldest Zoo in the US!! What could be cooler than to add that to our list of destinations!!!

5. My Friend Dick!
The main reason to go to Buffalo! I would put that I heart Dick- but I have a feeling that would be taken out of context times like ten, so I won't. Dick is pretty cool. Although since he is from Buffalo he is a Bills fan..and he hates the Steelers. But he has a lot of good qualities too! Like he would fight me when we would party in Orlando. I would always lose of course. But I would fight a good fight.

Now after reading all these amazing gems of Buffalo, I need your help in convincing Emily to drive with me up there. So if you would like to see us visit these places--let Emily know! Also if you know of locations around Buffalo or in Buffalo that you want us to visit--let Emily know!!!!!

Thanks for your time! Good luck on finals if you have them!!!!



  1. Katie, seriously. I do not know your friend at all, so that would be so weird for me to drive 3 or 4 hours to see him and be a third wheel. Also, you want to drive to a place that gets feet of snow at a time -- in JANUARY. This is the dumbest trip idea.

  2. I don't know why it is saying Frank said this, but Emily did.

  3. And we did not go to ourselves, "Hmm.. Buffalo, NY is a lot closer than I previously assumed it to be... This gives us an interesting prospect for a future trip..."

    You are seriously asking me to chauffeur you to see your friend. That is weird.

  4. Buffalo NY is the only place in where people will admit to living in "upstate New York". Anywhere else in NY, "upstate New York" is a metaphysical place that is north of the person you're talking to. Except Buffalo. Which is practically in Canada.