Thursday, January 14, 2010

We need you! ...for money

Now that we have a multitude of followers spanning dozens of countries, Katie and I feel that we need to move on to the next aspect of our planning: We need a sponsor. Whether you're a small business owner or the CEO of a huge corporation, we'll be willing to discuss your sponsorship. In order to not become huge sell-outs, Katie and I have compiled a list of things that we like and would be willing to promote through out multimedia documented road trip.

In no particular order:
  1. 1. Salt and vinegar potato chips, particularly the ones that Snyder of Berlin make that are British style.
  2. Pennsylvania Macaroni Company in the Strip District (in Pittsburgh) - We specifically enjoy those spicy green olives that you can buy from those giant buckets between the cheese and deli meat.
  3. Ice cream - at least I love ice cream..Ben and Jerry's is a great brand. Katie hates ice cream in general, but oh well.
  4. To list something that Katie enjoys: tequila. Any brand will work for her I'm sure.
  5. TLC - We've both noticed that you like making shows about little people. Katie's only 4' 9," so feel free to document our adventures across the country. We'll have to negotiate something.
  6. Travel Channel - We will be doing a lot of traveling...
  7. Smartcar - This would probably be a great way to prove that the Smartcar would work wonderfully all over the country and hold all of our supplies. Plus, they are super cute. We are proposing that we get one to use on the's a good color.
  8. Shoes - If you make shoes, we're willing to talk to you.
  9. Camping supply provider - We are by no means "outdoorsy," but we plan on doing a lot of camping on this trip. There will be tents and sleeping bags involved. We have no idea what we're doing from this aspect, but we will be needing supplies...and help.
Well, there is a brief list. I'll probably be adding more, the more we think about potential sponsors. If anyone would like to contact Katie and me, please feel free to e-mail us at


  1. I especially love that I can just hear the contempt in your voice as you say "outdoorsy."
    Please tell me about camping. I think the closest I will get is a cabin-theme hotel.
    Also, please come to Cincy... I have a shower and warm places to sleep for you two!
    And for serious, get hold of those TLC people... you could provide some good diversity for their programming.

  2. Although I am not wealthy and cannot offer you money, I can however offer you a place to stay in southern Ohio and food! So come on by. You should stop and see Tecumseh, here is a link, Its pretty famous!

    Kelsey Lloyd