Friday, January 15, 2010

George Clooney, Hawaii and Saxonburg

Today I was the phone with Emily and we were disusing the usual: George Clooney, ridiculous pictures people take of themselves and post on Facebook, more George Clooney and, of course, our road trip.

As we got further into the discussion, I brought up a previous experience with a trip that we had planned.

From a very early age, Emily and I determined that we would get out of Saxonburg as much as we could. Don't get me wrong, it was a great town to grow up in, but there really isn't anything to do past the age of finding amusement in running around corn fields. The Pittsburgh Mills mall was built our senior year in high school, which ended up being the second biggest let down in our lives (the new season of Scrubs "Med School" has recently taken first place).

So anyways, back to my story. We would think of countless ways to entertain ourselves. One of them was decorating this club house that is attached to the exterior of my house. This "club house" is rather small, but as a child, it served its purpose. To this day, I can still stand in it with out hitting my head (it's about 2 or 3 inches higher than me).

One day we were sitting in it , cutting out pictures in magazines to put on the walls. This is when I somehow got the bright idea to see if I could jump. For everyone who knows me, you know I don't do physical activity. Hell I include jumping a physical activity. What does that say?

So I jump, high and hard. I smack my head so hard off the ceiling that I fall to the floor. Yes fall. I didn't get up either. I felt like that old person on those life line commercials. Emily being the good friend she was sat there and laughed so hard she almost peed herself.

Shortly after this incident took place we determined we needed to look else where for entertainment. At the age of 15 I think, we came up with the grand idea that the following summer we would got to Hawaii!! What a great idea that two 15 years could come up with! I'm sure we were the first.

We did all the research. We told my mom, and she said, "Well if you can raise the money, I'm sure you can do it." This was said in a condescending tone that as a child and even now probably drives us young people to want something even more. So it was settled. Emily and I were going to Hawaii, and would do anything possible to get there.

The one thing we needed to do for sure was put some money away. We were at the age that we had bank accounts, but didn't have a real way to the bank, due to the lack of knowledge to drive a car, legally. We got a huge shoebox, and wrapped it in duck tape so we could not open open once we put money it. Great idea, right? Each day we would put money in and recorded it in a log book.

Now did I mention Saxonburg was boring? Yes. About 2 weeks after this box was created. We ripped it open so we could go see a movie -- a Clooney movie. It was worth it.

But don't worry, we will make it this time. I mean think about it - we have cars to drive the the bank now...

Maybe we should put some money into a CD so we can't get to it....that might be for the best this time.

Or maybe George Clooney could now fund our trip to the islands, since we at one point, like many other points in time, helped fund his movie.

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